You’ve just spent a small(ish) fortune on that glorious, one-of-a-kind skein of hand-dyed yarn, you’ve brought it home and are now gazing at it lovingly, then you realise that you have absolutely no idea what to make with it. The...
May 6, 2019
How many times have you found a knitting or crochet pattern you’d really like to make only to discover that there doesn’t appear to be a single yarn in your stash that is suitable? Not. A. Single. One. The truth is, if you’re anything...
January 1, 2019
  Hard at work over the dye-pots. This is some Polwarth/nylon fibre, beautifully soft and perfect for spinning         into sock yarn
December 3, 2018
  Not just for socks, this is lovely, drapey yarn which would work well for shawls, gloves, hats, anything you fancy! Next-to-the-skin soft with added nylon for strength and longevity.
December 3, 2018