About Us

Introducing Annie and Dax, owners and colourists of Hayward & King:

Annie has been crafting for longer than she cares to remember, especially knitting, spinning and weaving, but has dabbled in most textile-related crafts. A particular interest is the way in which colour can have such a profound effect on a project, with the ability to change a nice-but-ordinary item into something special with just a dash of a different hue. 

Dax has always loved bright colours (one of his favourite things is a massive, multi-colour blanket crocheted by his Granny when he was just a boy) and has a deep appreciation for the textiles that Annie regularly works with.

Following a recent health scare, they decided to combine their passions and embark on their very own long-term Adventure in Colour - they hope you will join them and enjoy using the wonderful colours they have created.

Annie says:

”We have selected yarns which we believe offer that little ‘something extra’ - extra-fine merino, silk, cashmere, alpaca and blue-faced Leicester - in a range of weights so there is sure to be something for everyone.

All of our merino wool is sourced from South America, mainly from small farms who do not subject their sheep to the unnecessary practice of mulesing. Much of the initial processing of the wool and fibres is done by women as part of local co-operatives, thus ensuring their independence as well as a reliable income for them and their families; the whole community ultimately benefits. It is very important to us that our source material is ethically and sustainably produced in this way.

Our Blue-faced Leicester wool comes from small farms scattered around the UK and it is all processed here too - a proudly British product from start to finish.”

Dax says:

”We do all the dyeing ourselves in small batches, using professional non-toxic dyes which leave virtually no residue and are kind to the environment. We use a variety of techniques, depending on what effect we want to achieve on the finished product - typically hand-painting, immersion or kettle-dyeing, speckling or space-dyeing  and sometimes over-dyeing - but all skeins are heat-set to ensure colour-fastness and the desired intensity of colour.”