Exquisite Lace 100% silk hand dyed yarn

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This yarn truly lives up to its name; the silk has a beautiful sheen which adds unbelievable glamour to whatever you create from this stunning yarn. You NEED this in your stash! 

Available in five gorgeous colours, there’s sure to be one that catches your eye:

Amethyst - rich deep purple

Almost ruby - deep deep pink which is...well...almost ruby

Silver - subtle tones of grey with that lovely sheen

Spring green - light green, reminiscent of new buds bursting forth

Aquamarine - pale shades of turquoise

This beautiful yarn has a very generous 800m per 100g skein, perfect for a lacy shawl or wrap.

As with all hand-dyed yarn variation between skeins is normal; for larger projects we recommend alternating skeins every couple of rows to ensure even colour distribution.